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Attractions in our region

More to come... stay tuned!

This is a new section of our site, still largely under construction. We have some information ready for you (see links below) but we'll be working to add more throughout the season as we get weather for photos. Please bear with us while we're collecting more info and photos!


Ainay-le-Vieil (30 minutes) On another page
Melliant (60 minutes)
Culan (25 minutes)
Boussac (15 minutes)


Churches and Abbeys

Abbaye de Noirlac (45 minutes) On another page
la Celle -11th century church
Toulx St Croix -Roman church & obervation tower


Nature and Parks

Nautical Base at the Lake of Sidiailles On another page (15 minutes)
Puy de Dôme volcanic park On another page
Pierres Jumatres geologic park



Boussac Rural Museum
Volcania Scientific Center



Roman Ruins at Drevant On another page

Day trips

Limoges - Porcelain
Abusson - Tapestries


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